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Jill ConnollyAfter some unforeseen delays, when the day came to record this music, yes, even the planets were aligning. Venus was beginning to transit the sun.

As we played, I felt the culmination of years of life experience come through me, and through the lyrics, in a timeless stream. “Let's leave space, and let each song guide us” was all I had to ask of this magnificent trio. We recorded it all that day.

What you'll hear moves and changes, from the romantic expression of April in Paris to the upbeat tempo of On A Clear Day; the great sadness of losing someone dear in The Meaning of the Blues, to giving your all to life as in Throw it Away. Each song, played in the moment, as if we were all one ...

May you enjoy listening.

I hear your heart and soul in this recording, Jill. It's wonderful. And I love your spirit! You all sound as if you're breathing together, everyone on the same beautiful, musical wavelength!

— Sheila Jordan